Little Brothers


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released May 3, 2017

Huge thank you to Tucker Mindrum for all of his contributions to this project! Also thank you to our family and close friends for all of the support!

Songs by Luke Johnson
Recorded at the Shrunken Head by Nick Magoteaux
Mixing by Nick Magoteaux
Production by Tucker Mindrum, Luke Johnson, Nick Magoteaux
Mastering by Nick Magoteaux

Bass: Matt Johnson
Drums: Tucker Mindrum
Saxophone: Chuck Worthy
Vocals: Luke Johnson
Lyrics: Luke Johnson
All guitars: Luke Johnson
Aux percussion: Luke, Matt, Tuck, Nick



all rights reserved


SILVIS Columbus, Ohio

Indie music from Columbus, OH. Influences from Paul Simon, Pinegrove, Vampire Weekend, & Catfish and the Bottlemen. Contact for booking inquiries.

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Track Name: Us Into Gold
if we're running, where’re we going?
if ya know then let me know
tell me something ‘bout a day trip
open up the road
and in the paths we create through our minds
here come the rain, I can't see
the sun will turn us into gold

when the blood runs down your spine
and you open up your mind
if the river never dries then baby we made it

i don't know if we can make it
out here on our own
so when we do we'll build a makeshift
tower round a throne
and in the paths we create through our minds
here come the rain, I can't see
the sun will turn us into gold
Track Name: On My Way
iiiii am free in my mind
and this feeling that I'm feeling now
i’m so alive
ain't nobody gonna bring me down
iiiii am open wide
i'll let this love guide my way
through the darkest nights.
ain't nobody gonna dim my day
my day, ain't nobody

i'm on my way
my way
i'm on my way

iiiii am not afraid
of the demons that haunt my side
and i will not stray
ain't nobody gonna change my mind
iiiii am on my way
through the mountains high
and the valleys low
and i will remain.
ain't nobody gonna take my soul
my soul, i won't let go
Track Name: MUAH
when you walked into the room
i said hello and how are you?
you said you're fine
drinks were cheap and you were fine

from that moment in time
i’d be yours and you'd be mine
and that'd be cool
you'd be mine and that'd be cool

you could walk
to the edge of the earth
there my soul worn with hope
you could travel
the distant of lands, i'd be there
to make you at home

two familiar souls
one exceptionally bold imposition
one exceptionally bold imposition

when i'm sixty-four and blind
you'll still open up my eyes
reveal my tangled disposition
that i can't disentwine
Track Name: Feel Alright
infatuated but in fact
an amalgam of emotions
in amounts to interfere
obliterated but in tact
i'm not easily exhausted
i still feel all the effects

you know i can't be trusted
with you around
i don't want this to be the end

you said i don't wanna feel alright
truth is i'm not constantly alive

reiterated torrent thoughts
every systematic sifting
that i'm finally switching off
so liberated after all
can we reconnect the pieces
do you see the picture now?

you know i never needed you around
i just want this to be the end
Track Name: Escape
i'm so high
the world at my feet
i float by
passing over the seas
and oh why
can't we all get lost
in our own minds
i'm not crazy at all

we can escape now
if we calm down
dreaming awake, how
can we fall out?

i'm so high
look up and you'll see
as i go by
looking down on the trees
we glow bright
in our darkest days
if you don't mind
cast your worries away